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5 Reasons to Be a Travel Nurse in North Carolina

As we continue our series of travel nursing destinations, we venture into North Carolina, where the history, landscape, and nursing opportunities make it a great place to travel. Here are a few reasons travel nurses should seek out a North Carolina assignment.

1. You’ll love the high salaries

North Carolina has competitive wages without the competitive cost of living.

The average gross weekly take home pay is $1,453 – $1,744. But, rent, for example, is more affordable than the national average, with a 1-bedroom apartment running a little over $800.

Does this sound good to you? Read on because the reasons to visit the Land of the Sky will keep growing.

2. You can use your compact license

Are you from a compact state? Lucky you, because North Carolina is on that list of places you can work without applying for an additional license. With over 100 hospitals, there is no shortage of opportunities to check the “First in Flight” state off your travel nurse bucket list.

3. You’ll love the natural beauty

North Carolina is a smorgasbord of landscapes. Lush green forests, beaches, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Crystal Coast. Raleigh, Asheville (pronounced ASH-vull), and Charlotte are probably the main cities you know, and they each offer a different yet amazing backdrop to your next assignment.

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, many other outdoor activities. Grab your nurse buddies and explore! With 300 miles of coastline, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and hundreds of waterfalls, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come here sooner.  

4. You’ll feast like a true Southerner

Barbecue is a way of life in North Carolina. They take their sauce so seriously, it’s practically a vocation. To be clear, barbecue is strictly the sauce, not an outdoor event you invite our friends to — that’s a cookout, and you’re likely to be attending a few of those. Look forward to feasting on some home smoked ham that you drench in your host’s homemade barbecue sauce. You know it’s from North Carolina because of that vinegar kick. Lexington, NC is the Barbecue Capital of the world, and to prove it, they have their own festival.

Unless you’ve been to the South, you haven’t had real fried chicken. And we’re not talking about major chain restaurants either. Check out Price’s Chicken Coop (bring your cash!) and Beasley’s Chicken + Honey. One taste of this soul food, you’ll be a convert for life, and you’ll finally understand what all the fuss is about.

Looking for something sweet? Krispy Kreme is a global treat, but it was first created in North Carolina. And if you’re at any outdoor festival in NC, be sure to try fried apple pie.  

When you think of North Carolina, do you think of wine? You should! NC has been producing wine since 1584 and now has over 500 vineyards and wineries for you to visit and un-wine-d after a long week. Not a drinker? How about a Pepsi? The top pop was invented there.

5. Your days off will be packed with fun

Though 13 weeks isn’t enough time to enjoy all North Carolina has to offer, you can certainly give it a good go. If you like theme parks and water parks, check out Carowinds. Do you feel the need for speed? NASCAR’s Hall of Fame is in Charlotte. And jazz and blues fans turn up every year for the Coltrane Jazz Fest.

Looking at filling up some long weekends during your assignment? Get a few of your fellow travelers together and spend some time in Winston-Salem checking off this garden getaway itinerary. Do you love real estate and architecture? Check out Biltmore. Visit this 250-room French chateau without having to go through customs or parlez français.

History buffs can visit one of the many historic sites in NC, including Bath and the site of the Wright Brothers’ first flight. Roanoke Island is another spot with a rich history, perfect for spending a long weekend with your new nurse friends.  

We’re not even finished! Another weekend you can venture out to the Crystal Coast. There you can find miles and miles of shoreline and aquatic activities. Pirate enthusiasts can visit the museum that houses artifacts from Blackbeard’s famous ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge. Also, be sure to check out the Blackbeard tours, savvy?  

Are you a movie buff? The film industry is huge in North Carolina. The Hunger Games was filmed here, and there is even a tour of Katniss’s old stomping grounds. Don’t be surprised if you see some of your favorite stars filming their new movies around the state. Who knows, you might even land a spot as an extra!

How’s that for 13 weeks of work and play? We think you’ll love exploring all that North Carolina has to offer. Are you ready to book your next assignment in North Carolina? Check out our current job openings.

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