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5 More Reasons to Travel to California

It’s no secret that California is the ultimate destination for travel nurses. The wages are some of the highest in the nation, the nurse-to-patient ratios are a dream, and state laws provide extra protections for nurses, too. But if you still need convincing to go to the Golden State, here are 5 more reasons to travel to California.

1. You don’t want to miss the wine and tacos

You gotta eat! Luckily, California has something for everyone. For breakfast, check out The Waffle. Vegans (and omnivores!) will love Real Food Daily. For a night on the town, Jones Hollywood, La Cabaña, Townhouse Bar and Grill, and The HMS Bounty will give you what you need. To satisfy your late night cravings, Canter’s Deli is open 24/7. When you want dessert, head on over to Fenton’s Creamery or House of Pies. Pea Soup Andersen’s is actually a very popular spot as is their signature soup, and if you go to Versailles, you’ll be served Cuban food.  

There is no shortage of taco joints in this state. Check out Lucha Libre and Julia Child’s favorite, La Super Rica Taqueria.

If you’re tired after a long week, you could take a nap, or you could take some of your friends to Napa and discover your new favorite bottle. Or if you’re more of a whiskey drinker, the Aero Club has over 800 to choose from.   

2. You’ll never have to worry about finding something to do

There is so much history and such a huge variety of things to do and visit while you’re in California. Visit some modern ruins at the Sutro Baths or explore Alcatraz. Drive down the 101 in the Bay Area and you’ll motor across the famous Golden Gate Bridge.  

Literature buffs can visit the John Steinbeck House, and those who love architecture will enjoy touring Hearst Castle and the Winchester Mystery House.

Movie fans can go on a studio tour, take a selfie with the Hollywood Sign, and of course, visit Disneyland.

3. You will love the golden rays of the Golden State

What better way to unwind after a long week than to hit the beach with your nurse friends? The California coast has more than 1000 miles of beaches, where you can kayak, swim, surf, whale watch, paddle board, and more. If you score a job in the OC, beaches and a tropical climate year-round await you! So pack the sunscreen and be sure to catch some rays during the day and stay for the oceanside sunsets. There is nothing like them.

4. You want to get your adventure on

Outdoor adventurers have so many options to choose from whether it’s hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, climbing, and much more. Check out the trails Wildcat Canyon, the slopes of Mt. Shasta, and the gardens and carousel at Tilden Regional Park.   

No trip to California would be complete without visiting the tallest trees in the world.

5. You want more culture in your next assignment

From its indigenous roots to the Spanish settlers and the diverse populations that moved there later, California is a melting pot of history and culture. Walk through California history in Old Town San Diego or on the tours in Sacramento.

See celebrities for their movie premieres or place your hands in the prints at the Chinese Theatre. Watch a classic movie, take in a ballet, or listen to the symphony at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. While you’re there, be sure to check out Oakland’s Chinatown. California has a number of ethnic enclaves with restaurants and businesses. There is also a Chinatown in LA  and San Francisco, a Koreatown in LA, and a Little Italy in San Diego. So you can travel all around the world without ever leaving California.  

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