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5 Reasons San Francisco Should Be on Your Travel Nursing Bucket List

Frisco, San Fran, SFO — whatever you want to call it, San Francisco should be on your California travel nursing bucket list. It is a city rich with food, history, and culture — and it’s waiting for your visit. Here are 5 reasons to sign a contract in San Francisco.  

Find your fortune

The California Gold Rush prompted a lot of migration westward to try and strike it rich. And you’ll want to head west, too, once you see the salaries of these open travel nursing assignments:

  • San Francisco, CA, Med-Surg/Tele – $2,564 gross weekly
  • San Francisco, CA, PCU/ICU/NICU – $2,690 gross weekly
  • San Francisco, CA, L&D/Postpartum – $2,366 gross weekly
  • South San Francisco, CA, Med-Surg/Tele – $2,548 gross weekly
  • South San Francisco, CA, PCU/ICU/NICU – $2,691 gross weekly
  • South San Francisco, CA, L&D/Postpartum – $2,370 gross weekly

Find some San Francisco treats

Rice-A-Roni is not the only San Francisco one! San Francisco has given birth to a number of culinary delights. Top off your salad with some Green Goddess Dressing. Pick up some sourdough bread from Boudin, who’s been baking it since 1849! And of course, when it’s hot, there is no better way to cool off than with an IT’s IT ice cream sandwich.  

Find your way

The hills of San Francisco are notorious, and travel nurses who bring their cars are very brave indeed. But you can explore the East Bay on the BART, and San Francisco has those iconic cable cars and trolleys if you’d rather leave your car at home. Make sure you cross the Golden Gate bridge at least once, just for fun. Step back in time and take a ferry to Alcatraz Island. And you can’t forget Golden Gate Park — the best place to get a selfie with San Francisco’s most famous landmark.   

Find your new favorite cuisine

Burritos are practically a religion here, and Mission Burritos are the only way to go. Every local will have their own favorite, so you might as well just try them all. If you’re craving something besides rolled-up perfection, San Francisco is truly a melting pot of culture and cuisine. For Persian food, head on over to Anar. Tunisian/Moroccan sound tasty? Then Café Zitouna is your spot. Burmese food anyone? You’ve got the whole world of food all in one city. Eat your heart out.    

Find your fun

San Francisco combines the best of urban and outdoor fun. Catch a 49ers or a Giant’s game when they are playing at home. Curious and quirky types will enjoy an afternoon at the Cable Car Museum or the Musée Mécanique. Get lost in SFMOMA or attend a live show. What new hobby or interest will you find while you’re here?

Are you ready to find your next assignment in San Francisco? Check out our current openings.

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