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3 Quick Tips to Relating to Your Recruiter

Thinking about a career in travel nursing? Not happy with your travel agency? Working with the right agency should help give you a great experience. We’ve talked to some of our top recruiters and caregivers to give you some great tips on how to achieve the best relationship between you and your staffing agency.

1. Interview more than one recruiter. Your company should appreciate and encourage you. You need to find a recruiter who is a good fit for you and you can trust. For example, if you find a position somewhere else at a different rate of pay, bring it to your recruiter. They can look into it and provide you information back. Trust between you and your recruiter is the most important thing.

2. Talk frequently and openly with your recruiter. From the interview on, you should feel confident in asking your recruiter any question. Check in with them about open jobs. Ask them about pay rates. Let them know what you are looking for and why you would want to travel to specific places. Maybe you have family you want to be near or a dream city you’ve always wanted to visit. Share this information with your recruiter.

3. Communicate frequently. Your recruiter is there to help you navigate your travel nursing journey. They want to help you find the positions you want and that will work for you. When you’re on assignment, they are your conduit back to the agency and can help you with concerns that may come up.

Selecting a traveling agency that you feel comfortable with and working closely with your recruiter will help you create the career you desire as a travel nurse.

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