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10 Reasons to Head to Wisconsin for Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment

We’re kicking off our series on the best places to travel to with our very own Wisconsin. Here are 10 reasons to consider Wisconsin for your next travel nursing assignment.

1. It’s a compact state

Before we lure you in with the beer, cheese, and natural beauty of the state, let’s talk about working here. Wisconsin is a compact state, so if you have a license from another state in the compact, you won’t have to spend the time and money to get another license.

2. It’s right in the middle of things

Another thing that makes traveling to Wisconsin so easy is that we’re right here in the middle of the country — about equal distance to either coast. It’s pretty quick to fly or drive home, no matter where home is.

3. The beer and wine flow like water

Do you like to spend your time away from the hospital sampling local beer? In Wisconsin, you won’t be alone — we take our beer so seriously, it’s practically a food group. Our state baseball team is even called The Brewers. Miller Lite and Honey Weiss are brewed here, too, and we have our own Oktoberfest (x 20)! If you prefer wine, one of our 100 wineries might have the bottle you’re looking for. Don’t drink? One of our breweries invented the immensely popular La Croix sparkling water, too.

4. It has the best cheese

Being a cheesehead is a way of life in America’s Dairyland. In between all the rivers and lakes and cornfields are thousands of acres of dairy farms which make the best cheese in the world. Literally. At least once while you’re here, you must use one of your days off to tour a creamery and get fresh cheese curds or “squeaky cheese.”

5. … and so much more than cheese

If you’re looking for more than beer and cheese, Wisconsin’s still got you covered. The local restaurants that keep showing up on the “Best” lists include Comet Cafe, Sanford, and The Old Fashioned. If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, supper clubs are still thriving here. If you’re traveling in the summer, head on over to Rudy’s Drive-In and drink their homemade root beer served by roller skating waitresses.   

6. Take in the natural beauty

While our neighbor, Minnesota, is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Wisconsin is home to 15,000. There are 84,000 miles of river that flow through the state, including the mighty Mississippi that runs down Wisconsin’s west coast. You can take a beautiful boat tour on the Mississippi and other bodies of water around the state.

7. Don’t let winter slow you down

Just as travel nurses thrive in challenging situations, Wisconsinites never let a little cold stop them from having fun. When winter is coming, we know how to make the most of it. Outdoorsy travel nurses might join the locals who get up before dawn, go out to a frozen lake, drill a hole in it, drop in a fishing line, and wait for something to bite (other than the frost). If winter sports are more your style, there are plenty of places to go ice skating, watch or play hockey, or go cross-country skiing out on one of the trails.

8. It’s a sports lover’s haven

Whether you’re a tailgater, a sports bar denizen, or a player, even in winter, there is no shortage of sports in Wisconsin. It is also the home of the greatest team in the NFL. If you’re in the state during football season, be sure to catch a game at Lambeau Field.

9. Spend the summer in Wisconsin Dells

In the summer in Wisconsin, ask any nurse what they did on their days off and the answer will most likely be, “I went to the Dells.” And for good reason. Wisconsin Dells is centrally located and offers a ton of outdoor activities with the backdrop of the beautiful Wisconsin landscape. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a week of long shifts.

10. Enjoy all the Fests

Fests take over Wisconsin, especially in the summertime, so if you’re traveling to a hospital here, be sure to earmark your days off for some fest fun. There are dozens of food fests including Brat Fest and Mushroom Fest, and you can’t miss out on the Wisconsin State Fair. One fest even features hot air balloons.

Bet you didn’t know there was all this to do and eat (!) in the great state of Wisconsin. Curious? Check out our open travel nursing positions in Wisconsin.

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